Products of Birla Sugar


Spent wash, an effluent generated from processed molasses is used with press mud for the production of organic fertilizer. The group has installed Bio Compost Plants at Shyamabad near Seohara, Narkatiaganj and Hargaon to produce organic fertilizer which is marketed under the brand name "Uttam Jaivik Khad", and "Oudh Shakti Jaivik Khad".

Some Advantages of Bio-Compost are:
  • Mobilizing existing soil nutrients, so that good growth is achieved with lower nutrient densities while wasting less
  • Releasing nutrients at a slower, more consistent rate
  • Helping to retain soil moisture, reducing the stress due to temporary moisture stress
  • Improving the soil structure
  • Helping to prevent topsoil erosion
  • Organic fertilizers also have the advantage of avoiding certain problems associated with the regular heavy use of artificial fertilizers:
  • The necessity of reapplying artificial fertilizers regularly (and perhaps in increasing quantities) to maintain fertility
  • Extensive runoff of soluble nitrogen and phosphorus, leading to eutrophication of bodies of water (which causes fish kills)
  • Costs are lower for if fertilizer is locally available